Governance in Family/Unlisted Firms


Working Papers

Session 1

Paper 1:

The effect of family control on firm value and performance: Evidence from Europe

Roberto Barontini (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies) and Lorenzo Caprio (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Paper 2:
Performance and Behavior of Family Firms: Evidence From the French Stock Market

David Sraer (CREST and GREMAQ) and David Thesmar (ENSAE and CEPR)
Paper 3:

Stock Market Performance of Family Firms

Marcel Corstjens (INSEAD), Katrina Maxwell (INSEAD), Urs Peyer (INSEAD), and Ludo Van der Heyden (INSEAD)
Paper 4:

The Causal Effect of Board Size in the Performance of Small and Medium-Sized Firms

Morten Bennedsen (Copenhagen Business School and CEBR), Hans Christian Kongsted (Copenhagen Business School and Centre for Applied Microeconometrics), and Kasper Nielsen (Copenhagen Business School and CEBR)


Session 2

Paper 1:
Bankruptcy, Creditor Protection and Debt Contracts

Stefano Rossi (Stockholm School of Economics) and Nicola Gennaioli (Stockholm School of Economics)
Paper 2:
External Governance and Debt Agency Costs of Family Firms

Andrew Ellul (Kelley School of Business, Indiana University), Levent Guntay (Kelley School of Business, Indiana University), and Ugur Lel (Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System)
Paper 3:
Protecting Minority Investors :
Listed versus Unlisted Firms

Claudio Loderer (Universität Bern) and
Urs Wälchli (Universität Bern)
Paper 4:
Benefits and Costs of Control-Enhancing Mechanisms in U.S. Family Firms

Raffi Amit (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) and Belén Villalonga (Harvard Business School)


Session 3

Paper 2:
Firm Performance, Entrenchment and CEO Succession in Family-Managed Firms

David Hillier (Leeds University Business School) and Patrick McColgan (Aberdeen University Business School)
Paper 3:
Inside the Family Firm: The Role of Families in Succession Decisions and Performance

Morten Bennedsen (Copenhagen Business School and CEBR), Kasper Nielsen (University of Copenhagen and CEBR), Francisco Pérez-González (Columbia University), and Daniel Wolfenzon (New York University and NBER)
Paper 4:

What can we learn from small firms about executive compensation?

Rebel Cole (DePaul University) and Hamid Mehran (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)


Session 4

Paper 1:
Favoritism or Markets in Capital Allocation?

Mariassunta Giannetti (Stockholm School of Economics, CEPR, and ECGI) and Xiaoyun Yu (Kelley School of Business, Indiana University)
Paper 2:
Dual-Class IPOs, Share Recapitalizations, and Unifications: A Theoretical Analysis

Thomas Chemmanur (Boston College) and Yawen Jiao (Boston College)
Paper 3:
The Going Public Decision and the Product Market

Thomas Chemmanur (Boston College), Shan He (Boston College), and Debarshi Nandy (York University)
Paper 4:
Shareholder Diversification and the Decision to go Public

Andriy Bodnaruk (Maastricht University), Eugene Kandel (Hebrew University), Massimo Massa (INSEAD), and Andrei Simonov (Stockholm School of Economics)


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